Property Value
  • 951 (xsd:integer)
  • 347316 (xsd:integer)
  • Estats Units (ca)
  • Estats Units (ca)
is prop-ca:admin of
is prop-ca:agermanaments of
is prop-ca:ambit of
is prop-ca:birthPlace of
is prop-ca:bàndol of
is prop-ca:cityServed of
is prop-ca:cityofbirth of
is prop-ca:ciutadania of
is prop-ca:ciutat of
is prop-ca:ciutatdenaixement of
is prop-ca:countriesAffected of
is prop-ca:country of
is prop-ca:countryOfOrigin of
is prop-ca:countryOrigin of
is prop-ca:countryofbirth of
is prop-ca:countryofdeath of
is prop-ca:data of
is prop-ca:dataDefuncio of
is prop-ca:dataFundacio of
is prop-ca:dataNaixement of
is prop-ca:deathPlace of
is prop-ca:destinació of
is prop-ca:difusio of
is prop-ca:editorialEn of
is prop-ca:escenesRegionals of
is prop-ca:estadi of
is prop-ca:estat of
is prop-ca:estatSeu of
is prop-ca:estats of
is prop-ca:formaDeGovern of
is prop-ca:lloc of
is prop-ca:llocDeMort of
is prop-ca:llocDeNaixement of
is prop-ca:llocDefuncio of
is prop-ca:llocMort of
is prop-ca:llocNaix of
is prop-ca:llocNaixement of
is prop-ca:localitat of
is prop-ca:localitzacio of
is prop-ca:localitzacioSeu of
is prop-ca:localització of
is prop-ca:location of
is prop-ca:lsp of
is prop-ca:municipi of
is prop-ca:municipiSeu of
is prop-ca:nacionalitat of
is prop-ca:name of
is prop-ca:nationality of
is prop-ca:nomSeu of
is prop-ca:on of
is prop-ca:origen of
is prop-ca:pais of
is prop-ca:paisOrigen of
is prop-ca:paisdenaixement of
is prop-ca:país of
is prop-ca:paísOriginal of
is prop-ca:paísdemort of
is prop-ca:paísdenaixement of
is prop-ca:percentRef of
is prop-ca:placeOfBirth of
is prop-ca:placeOfDeath of
is prop-ca:popplace of
is prop-ca:popularitat of
is prop-ca:producció of
is prop-ca:rd1t1Lloc of
is prop-ca:rd1t2Lloc of
is prop-ca:rd1t3Lloc of
is prop-ca:rd1t4Lloc of
is prop-ca:rd1t5Lloc of
is prop-ca:rd2t1Lloc of
is prop-ca:rd2t2Lloc of
is prop-ca:rd2t3Lloc of
is prop-ca:rd2t4Lloc of
is prop-ca:rd4t1Lloc of
is prop-ca:recorded of
is prop-ca:regio of
is prop-ca:region of
is prop-ca:regions of
is prop-ca:released of
is prop-ca:residence of
is prop-ca:residencia of
is prop-ca:residència of
is prop-ca:rocket of
is prop-ca:seu of
is prop-ca:site of
is prop-ca:situació of
is prop-ca:socisExportació of
is prop-ca:socisImportació of
is prop-ca:stadium of
is prop-ca:subdivisionName of
is prop-ca:subdivisionType of
is prop-ca:team of
is prop-ca:territori of
is prop-ca:territoris of
is prop-ca:ultimaEscala of
is prop-ca:utilitzatPer of
is prop-ca:viua of
is dbo:birthPlace of
is dbo:country of
is dbo:deathPlace of
is dbo:distributor of
is dbo:knownFor of
is dbo:locatedInArea of
is dbo:nationality of
is dbo:occupation of
is dbo:producer of
is dbo:residence of
is dbo:stateOfOrigin of
is dct:subject of
is foaf:primaryTopic of